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Re: Objecting to "Traditional Respect"

John Matsushima wrote: View Post
...a department store (like Keikyu) in Japan at opening or closing time. All the employees will line up and give you a deep 90 degree bow, looking straight down at the ground, with a welcome in the morning, and a thank you at closing time. It's great!
"Great" in a freaky, body-snatchers kind of way... Almost as strange as the motivational speech broadcast over the loudspeakers just before opening; you can see them standing at attention and responding in unison... I always imagine they're saying, "Sho Nuff!" like in The Last Dragon...

On topic, it seems like people for whom religious worship is a part of their life are more prone to see worship in other paradigms; while those who are not religious have difficulty seeing worship in any action.

I am not an expert
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