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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

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Mark - You could be right. I can come up with three alternatives:
And your post brings up another interesting thing ...

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
2) The "paranoid solution," which does fit his character, as we know it. Paranoia is the most primitive psychological defense against being vulnerable - in essence, you become a "porcupine." Anything that might really "touch" you has to go through the quills. Interestingly, such people sometimes have one person who gets through, whom they trust. As there are absolutely no accounts of Takeda being abusive to his wife - none - and this is typical of many of a paranoid character, I wonder if Sue was the one. Mrs. Horikawa seems to think so,in her interview in Pranin's book. There is in that story a novel far beyond me - but what an untold story that relationship must have been.
So, going with your theory about Sue, in 1930 she dies. That's got to affect Takeda fairly deeply. Who would he turn to? As you've noted, Ueshiba was also very close. So, after 1930, Takeda shows up looking for Ueshiba. What happens? Ueshiba dodges his visits. And that, I would imagine, would have to have compounded Takeda's hurt. It isn't a big stretch to see why in 1936, Takeda turned to Hisa and eventually gave a menkyo. The quills of a porcupine pierce. Nor, do I think it would be a big stretch to see why Takeda might have been surly or mean during that time period.

It's a far different picture of Takeda than has previously been portrayed, that's for sure. Thanks, Ellis.
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