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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

Mark - You could be right. I can come up with three alternatives:
1) Yours, essentially, "Oh, my God, what have I done!" - the problem is that he did have a lot to do with his son at various periods - traveled with him, etc. It was just punctuated at other times of him leaving, saying things like who knows if I'll come back.
2) The "paranoid solution," which does fit his character, as we know it. Paranoia is the most primitive psychological defense against being vulnerable - in essence, you become a "porcupine." Anything that might really "touch" you has to go through the quills. Interestingly, such people sometimes have one person who gets through, whom they trust. As there are absolutely no accounts of Takeda being abusive to his wife - none - and this is typical of many of a paranoid character, I wonder if Sue was the one. Mrs. Horikawa seems to think so,in her interview in Pranin's book. There is in that story a novel far beyond me - but what an untold story that relationship must have been.
3) He really didn't give a damn. I do not believe that for an instant - Takeda showed too much passion and in his own tormented way, too much caring for people (Ueshiba among them). As I wrote, I think the whole dispute about debts and money owed and the fraught relationship was the only way these two men, particularly Takeda, could evidence how important Ueshiba was to him.

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