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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

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Actually, that's covered in HIPS. I don't know anything about this "revenge" thing - I think that's just people's fantasy. As far as I know, nobody was looking to revenge themselves on Sokaku anyway. And the idea of compassion to not "pass on" the family tradition denotes a kind of modern Western psychological insight that I have seen no evidence was part of his character - so much else that of the way he lived does not display that kind of insight.
I don't want to rewrite that chapter here - but in brief, I see him as "having" to move - that his early background and the innate character that "met" that background afflicted him with an "attachment" disorder - and moving around and the medium of teaching jujutsu waza in short bursts - enabled him to connect with people without getting tied.
Ellis Amdur
Speaking of, Ellis ...

The history that you showed between Takeda and his father and ...

The incident where Takeda almost stabs Tokimune as Tokimune goes to wake Takeda ...

Do you think that this incident with Tokimune sort of reinforced Takeda's staying away so that he wouldn't become like his father? Or would you see it more toward Takeda's "attachment" disorder?

I could even see the Tokimune incident frightening Takeda in that he almost killed his son. I know of incidents where mothers scolded their children when similar incidents happen and the scolding was based upon their fears of death or great harm. And since there's little history of Takeda treating his son like his father treated him, perhaps Takeda was trying to break that cycle?

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