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Rendevous with adventure huh? Sounds smashing, but totally un-aikido like. Where can I get it and how much?

I already have Path beyond thought, and the only thing I like there was the randori... i.e. Seagal senseis. His students, well...

Andrew, do you think I can buy a copy out of you? That is if you don't mind having the mpgs copied into a CD and as long as they are not illegal.

Lastly, on the subject of tapes. I don't really intend to learn anything from them cause it'll probably be just a mimic form of training. But I seriously need to learn how to improve my ukemi, something like those silent breakfalls that everyone has been talking about. There's this tape for sale by Sensei Waite or something. Its expensive, but if its really helpful (i.e. we can actually learn something from it that we can't elsewhere) and someone recommends it, I would buy it. I would appreciate suggestions.


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