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Re: Patience

David Warden wrote: View Post
It certainly has made me think about my process of goal setting.

Thank you for taking the time to read, respond, and offer some kind words.

IMHO, many of us are plagued with too many thoughts, others with too few, and some others I think with just the right amount but all headed in the wrong direction. There are very few who have their thoughts and direction all aimed congruently position. I once kidded that the "one point" was having everything pointing in the same direction; body, mind and spirit.

I gained more patience when I left being so goal directed and became more direction oriented. Its not whether I have met a certain goal, but is my daily discipline still headed in a positive direction. If yes, I continue. If no, I re-commit.

Again, thanks for reading and responding.

Rei. Domo.

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