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Re: Test Passing Standards - What is it?

George Howard wrote: View Post
I guess what my complaint is, to try and explain it as comprehensively and specifically as possible, is that some/a lot of people never obey/practise certain things which are cornerstones of aikido: most commonly in my experience is footwork.
This is why we have what basically amounts to a solo tai sabaki 'kata' that we teach beginning students first. After a student has gotten through this and is somewhat competent at it, we introduce them to another 'kata' that teaches the building blocks of all techniques without being techniques themselves. It all works brilliantly. Everyone from the newest beginner to the most senior person in the family works on these... forever polishing.

mjhacker: hahaha, being a philosophy student i shouldn't have made that apologies. Thank you for being a stickler.
You'll be amused, then, that at first glance, I thought you were thanking me for being a "tickler."

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