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Re: Test Passing Standards - What is it?

George Howard wrote: View Post
Well i guess that would beg the question of why suwari-waza techniques are in the grading if they aren't relevant...

I guess that what i'm saying is that if you can't do a technique (whether that is tenchi-nage or anything in suwari-waza), then it doesn't make sense that you are given a grade which, by definition, says that you can do that technique.
I'm not saying they aren't relevent. You can demonstrate something without actually doing it by principles. The person could sit in a chair and have someone across from them sitting in a chair who does the attacking. They are still sitting and they are still using all the same principles behind the technique and are eliminating the need for them to further damage their knees.

George Howard wrote: View Post
The fact is, as 'happysod' said: permanent disabilities or illnesses may affect your capabilities; - we're not all gonna be big sports stars, or astronauts - that's life. It'd be great to give everybody a black belt, and make them feel really good, but you have to do certain things to get it; and if you do give grades out willy-nilly then it will make a mockery of the hard work put in by people who have truly earned them, and you won't be able to tell anything about somebody's proficiency by grade; the point of a grade would be nullified.
I agree with you to an extent. I think that there should be a certain level of skill needed. I have always been against people getting belts that have not earned them. However, if you can demonstrate the technique standing, you are still doing the technique. Are you saying that those people (like my sensei) who can't do suwariwaza anymore due to age or injury should have their rank taken away because they can no longer demonstrate the technique to those lower then them?

I guess we are never going to agree with each other and that is fine. Life would be boring (though much more simplistic) if everyone had the same opinions.

Oh and in case you are wondering, I do not have bad knees so I am not biased for that reason.

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