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Re: Patience

Wonderful and thought provoking introduction to a key component of what I refer to as the Aiki Principles of Aikido.

The Japanese words of "nintai" and "gaman" include "patience" in their list of definitions, which also includes "perseverence, endurance, forbearance and self control". Yet, for us Westerners, our actual experiences with these concepts have far greater meaning, and thus, the crux of our challenge in dealing with them.

In your admirable work with people, troubled by the state of being impatient and out of balance, you have ample opportunities to apply your understanding of Aiki principles to positive results.

I learned some time ago, that most people tend to listen to a favorite radio station in common, WIIFM. What's In It For Me, lets us appreciate that people will always have their own wants and needs as being paramount. Perhaps we can work on expanding the definition of "value" in their choices, by demonstrating how the use of Aiki Principles can result in having more "in it for them".

Patience is kinda like waiting for something positive or good to happen. Tolerance, perhaps, is more like waiting for something negative to stop or go away. By themselves, little can be reasonably expected. Together, with a practiced plan of action, and a rejuvenated will to actually take charge of each situation, one can achieve success, similar to the tangible benefits and earned confidence we obtain when we train diligently on and off the mat.

Patience, then, may simply be a matter of remaining still, preparing for the right moment to act. It can be the state of being ready to be pre-emptive or even pro-active in dealing with potential problems, especially before they can prove to be dangerous.

I look forward to even more insight into how to read the motives, and the self image and self awareness issues encountered by us all.

In Oneness,
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