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Re: Yoseikan katas

Massao Yamauthi wrote: View Post
A year ago I do not see Murai sensei.Ele is very old and not very good health.
It really is a pity that he does not have its recognition.
Video with Murai sensei and Sugiyama sensei
I really hope Stan or someone can get to him and do some interviews. He started training with Minoru Mochizuki in about 1951 or so, I believe, and he had incredible power, speed, accuracy and skill. He was 71 in 1986, he said, so now he would be about 94 years old. And in that clip you posted, he is about 90. Even when I last saw him, he was close to 80 and would take ukemi for those same sacrifice throws he was doing in that clip. And he would train with anyone, quite unlike most teachers who are getting up in age a few years (early to mid-50s). He would take ukemi for anyone and I never saw anyone who could resist his smooth technique. He would be out there with the black belts through hour-long sutemi-only randori sessions, time after time, taking the falls as well as doing the throws. And with a sword, he was really awesome.

I sure would love to see him again.

Thanks for posting that.


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