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Re: Test Passing Standards - What is it?

I agree with Tarik (that the person grading's reputation is at stake when awarding grades) and Bratzo (that no one ever fails).

I have a lot of respect for my sensei, but some of the people he's graded - and i saw their gradings - are not worthy of the grade (in my opinion); he himself is an excellent aikidoka, so i know he's not incompetent - i just don't know why he awarded the gradings. Perhaps it's like has been mentioned: a sense of obligation after having them perform in front of the class...

In my opinion, footwork is key in aikido, so if footwork is lacking/non-existent, then the technique is inadequate; seeing these people grading who have inadequate footwork is galling to me - it's a poor reflection on a great aikidoka that such people are graded. If you aren't able to perform the footwork, or suwari-waza due to bad knees, or not being limber enough, or whatever, then you aren't adequate enough to progress through gradings, simple as that - that's the point of a grading (in my opinion): there are certain things in aikido which, if you can perform, you are awarded a grade to 'prove'.

Also: my first post, so hello to everyone.
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