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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

Toby Threadgill wrote: View Post

Myopic delusion?
Many years ago in a Philosophy of Religion class I watched a fella melt down completely. He was quite, um, adamant in his beliefs and it seemed he took the class thinking that given he had been raised in a so thoroughly devoutly religious family that a philosophy of religion class would be an easy class to sail through. Unfortunately his pleasant little sailing boat of constant affirmation of beliefs ran ashore in the class during a discussion of the formal logic underlying some arguments against the existence of God. It was a very good discussion (albeit the normal dry evaluation of logic) right up until he suddenly stood up, start saying things like "Jesus equals love and since love is good then Jesus must be good therefore..." He went on a sort of free-form mental dumping of incoherent blather for a few moments, looked around the class with those wide, crazy eyes of a person whose entire web of belief appeared to be about to collapse, then ran out of the room never to return.

I remembered that reading that post...

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