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Mike Sigman
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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

Just to toss it into the discussion:

The idea of "no resistance" that is used in Aikido is actually an extremely old tenet (back to the supposed "Lao Tsu" writings). In other words, Ueshiba was typically following old Chinese classics in regard to how someone in Aikido an D.R. and many other "high-level" arts is supposed to be. "No resistance, no letting go" is the general idea. "Ju" as in "Judo" follows the same very old classical tenet, as do all the "ju" as in "jujutsu".

It's possible that Ueshiba first heard that idea from Takeda, but I'd doubt it. Being shown how is another question. Being shown as fully how as Ueshiba wound up with is yet another question. But then again... where did Takeda get his ideas and how complete were they? Were they purely offshoots of Takeda's own training and ideas? That's improbable, considering the power if the old Chinese ideas that was floating around in all the martial arts.


Mike Sigman
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