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AAA meeting...(aikido addicts anonymous....)

Hi my name is Cherie and I am an aikido addict.

I first realized this was becoming a problem just yesterday. I was meeting with some friends for lunch and ordered the spiral pasta and some pretzels.

After lunch we went to the mall. We stepped into a little pet shop where I immediately noticed a lady walking with her dog. He was an akita. Beautiful I really want one some day so I bought a book about them.

Then we were looking for a good movie to take home to watch and I picked Twister... incidentally that was also the game I suggested we play when everyone else decided that maybe we didn't want to see a movie after all.

We stopped in at a craft store because I really like arts and crafts. I really needed some more paper and a new book on origami. Folding things is fun.

As we left the mall one of my friends mentioned she needed to buy a lamp for her office desk. So I immediately suggested we stop at Ikea to look for one. We found a really nice one for her and got in my car to leave. By the way I drive a Kia.

Well we could not get going right away because I could not find my Ki... but after a while I remembered I left it under the mat.

So we finally got moving and my friends wanted me to turn up the music. I really like Rock and roll.

Well, that music got us in the mood to go out dancing, so we stopped at a local club. I'm not much of a dancer but someone offered to show me some moves. I asked if they could teach me to do the twist. Someone must have really liked my moves then because they started clapping. Of course that's when I hit the floor on my knees and bowed.... and that is the moment I realized that I might have an aikido problem.
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