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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

Drew Ames wrote: View Post

Serious question: are "aiki" (those skills that Takeda and Ueshiba demonstrated) and what we commonly think of as "aikido" (a curriculum of techniques embodying certain principles) mutually exclusive?


Hi Drew
What is aiki?
What is Takeda's aiki?
Who has it?
How do you know?
What is Ueshiba's aiki?
Who has it?
How do you know?
Do we follow in the footsteps of others who tell us they have it?
Do we blaze a trail?
I bet neither of them cared what you or I think about aiki.

I don't debate it anymore on the net. You just don't know how qualified peoples opinions are. No, I don't mean rank-I mean skill in aiki. Anyone can say just about anything they want till you touch hands with them. So I touch hands whenever I can with the highest ranked people I can. I haven't felt or seen a body of waza based on principles from anyone in Aikido to be effective at all against aiki.
So there's one opinion that is open to all kinds of intellectual debate and physical challenge. I hope to continue to research and meet the highest ranked Japanese teachers in the world to see if any of them has anything to change my mind. Then I play with MMA types. The results have been pretty interesting from both perspectives.
But that really isn't the topic here.

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