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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

If it takes a certain amount of "rewiring" from regular old jujutsu to start building aiki, how likely is it that Ueshiba learned all of his aiki from Takeda in the Ayabe period?

Granted, it would certainly seem like Ueshiba learned a great deal of aiki during that year, but I think it's possible that Takeda started him on learning aiki a bit earlier. Ueshiba was a physically strong man. I can't see him just "rewiring" his physical strength to become a powerhouse in one year. Even with all the in-depth training he received.

I would think it more likely that Takeda started him out with training to "rewire" how he used his body earlier and by the Ayabe stay, Ueshiba had done enough training that Takeda *could* really teach him quite a lot of aiki.

If so, it gives a lot of credit to Ueshiba for putting in that solo training time while Takeda was gone. Imagine a physically fit Ueshiba who had learned some other martial arts meeting Takeda and being handled easily. Imagine Takeda telling Ueshiba, nah, you don't need more jujutsu, you should do these solo exercises.

How many here would think, is he putting me on or is he really telling me something worthwhile? Imagine Ueshiba thinking everyone else I know trains more waza, but then again, they don't feel like Takeda. So, Ueshiba puts in the time and in 1922, it pays off big time.

Course, for those inclined to think further, just how long did Ueshiba really study before he was considered great? Certainly not 20 years ... something to think about, no?

My thoughts anyway,
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