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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Takeda Sokaku

Charles - (Hi Dan) - I concur with everything that Dan said. I wanted to take on Tokimune's statement which always rung a little false to me for the following reason. The following phrase in the quote is something like, "Ueshiba was a little man, and without the power of the jujutsu, he couldn't handle the big navy guys." Well, Ueshiba was a SHORT guy - but he was no more "little" than a fire hydrant. Takeda was little - tiny really. And yet, taking things somewhat with a grain of salt (did Ueshiba really contact Takeda and say "help!"), Takeda either is called or shows up - and it is the tinier many who has the power to handle the big navy guys? And there is no doubt that this was the longest sustained period that Ueshiba had training with Takeda.
That story gave me the opportunity to present both theories and also to present the point that jujutsu/aiki merge in the trained fighter. If I ever do a 2nd edition (which will require all of you to buy out my first!), I will probably shade things more to the aiki side, as opposed to being somewhat "even handed."
For example, there's a school called I ch'uan, derived from xingyi. They mostly do internal power training, a lot of whats called "post standing." And they are really powerful guys. And contrary to the claims of their fighting effectiveness (mostly assoc. with the founder, who STARTED with xingyi, which has techniques), the i ch'uan guys, in fights with top-level guys, have mostly lost. I think jujutsu can be considered the wiring and aiki (or chi/kokyu, all the variants) the electricity. And it is possible that one has lousy wiring, so you short-circuit yourself in your training. All that power and nothing to deliver it with.
I agree with Dan.
Ellis Amdur

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