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There are so many factors to train for in this type of situation though. Is this a real boxer or just some joe taking a boxers stance? There is HUGE difference in speed, power and technique between the two. As with all aikido technique, atemi is important, even moreso on this situation. The most important thing, IMO, is to deflect the jab. In classes that we've worked on this, we have always practiced parrying/slapping the jab aside for a good long time before going into actual technique. You don't want to trade atemi for punch with a boxer, you will lose. So being out of the line of attack is paramount, even if you don't manage to execute a technique on the first attack. As far as technique I would go with more Irimi techinques (irimi-nage-, ago-tsuke-age, etc) as they flow directly from an atemi to the attackers face giving little time for him to react. If you are dealing with a trained boxer and try to apply techniques that deal with controlling the punching arm, you may find yourself in a struggle because boxers train to not leave an arm hanging. so he's immediately going to retract that punching hand after throwing it and unless your atemi was extra effective he's going to be in a position to resist you controlling his arm. Ask Sensei!! hope this helps.
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