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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Ben Tang wrote:

The most basic rule of Aikido is establishing the threat and moving away instead of receiving punches /kicks; hence the irimi tenkan and kaiten movement
Irimi is not moving away, but entering. tenkan is a turn, and kaiten well, not good and really defining it, but it also involves entering and turning as well. The whole prinicple is not so much moving away or avoidance but about entering at the right vector/angle and spiraling in and turning at a decreasing radius.

Ben wrote:

Aikido trains someone to avoid conflict. Thats the philosophy built into it ..the way of harmony..
Disagree here as well. Avoidance is not what it is about, that does not authentically resolve conflict. In fact, we don't need a martial practice at all to teach avoidance. No, The way of harmony is learning to embrace it, and change it. Facing it and dealing with it in a skillful manner.

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