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Re: Practicing Wrist Locks With a Karate Instructor

How far is too far? I travel about an hour to get to my classes 3x a week.

To me Aikido is about far more than wrist and joint locks. And in order to gain the true essence of what Aikidio is really about, one needs to practice it with those who are experienced with, and who love the sport.

For someone to be a good uke takes as much training as to be nage. Its a whole lot more than just a body to practice on who knows when to tap out. Ukemi itself is an art form.

The Karate instructor sounds like a very intelligent person. Perhaps you might consider taking up karate and learning from him since he is more convenient to you. It may just be that Aikido cannot fill the need you currently feel to be able to handle your stooges at work.

Aikido is a lifetime study and not something to be rushed and certainly not something that you should take shortcuts with.

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