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Thomas Donelson
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Practicing Wrist Locks With a Karate Instructor

I am short of time, and Aikido is either too far or taught too rigidly for my style.

Today I stopped by a Karate studio near my house, and the Karate instructor seemed to have time for me, but he refused to accpt my money because he felt he was not qualified to teach Aikido wrist locks.

I was thinking that over, tonight, and all I really need is for a partner to attempt to defeat my wrist locks. The Aidio wrist locks, from a standng position, are fairly simple. It is just applying them,and positioning my body with footwork to avoid injury and keep control of the opponent.

So all I need the guy to know is the double-slap, for when the hold is causing too much pain, if he wants to practice wrist locks on me.

But I don't care if he ever learns any wrist locks. I just need a practice partner who can control his jabs, strikes and kicks, so I can practice my wrist locks on him, while he tries to show he can hurt me. I just want to be ready to dance, if somebody wants to get cute.

Some of the guys at work sometimes seem to think the Three Stooges are the model of work-place antics.

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