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Need light, compact gi


It seems the only way I can train during the week is to carry my gi, along with my work stuff, and lunch, with me all day. This includes an extra set of shoes, so I can swap out my bike shoes for my work shoes. There is neither room at work to store anything, nor time to go home and get anything before training. This is a lot of stuff to be carrying on my back while walking, biking, and bussing. My judo gi gets heavy and takes up a lot of room--I have to take a hiking pack to carry it all. Any suggestions to lighten my load? Either karate gi that have long enough jackets that they won't pull out, or judo gi that are extra-light, would be good.

I have seen some karate gi that are cotton/poly blend. I assume these would be lighter and easier to wash/dry. Any experience with these? I'm used to buying cotton and shrinking it to size--would I need a smaller size with the blend?


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