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Re: Thai Boxing & Aikido: Thoughts & Feedback.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Man your in Hungary too...if it is like other Eastern European cultures I have been in...those guys simply train tough and hard and expect you to step up and deal with it.

I trained BJJ in Romania for a couple weeks, and while they didn't have a whole lot of skill, those guys trained hard and tough which counts for alot!
Yep Kevin, you nailed it on the head.

From how I understand it, they haven't really had the luxury of having access to the same level of instruction that many take for granted in the rest of Europe & US. But they do train hard.

i.e. The instructor I mentioned in the daughter dojo who has his class practice ukemi on the gym floor - not too fun, but I suppose its one way to get you to learn quickly the most efficient way to take ukemi if you get tired of the pain... to much for me though.

Budapest may be different - who knows, for most Hungarians Budapest is not a fair representative of what is going on. [But then again there is a big difference, so I hear, between the western villages and the eastern ones where I live as well. Life gets easier the closer you are to Austria it seems]

The fact is that people do what they can with what they can find in their small villages. Even with the lower prices for martial arts, its still an expensive past time which most cant afford... and the idea of a having a guest instructor is basically unheard of.

All this doesn't mean there is no talent, but that talent arises out of hardship, and if that is honed, there just might be a diamond in the rough there. [Lot of talented Hungarians, but the ones that start to 'shine' tend to leave Hungary.]

Don't know, feel like getting all philosophical and expounding on the differences in life here in Hungary. [or at least the part i live in.] As there are quite a few differences to be sure. But perhaps thats for another time and another place.

... now if I can only get back some of that toughness as Im an 'old' softy now. lol



Wish we could get some higher ranking Sensei to come visit our small dojo to inspire the people here... aside from our yearly seminar, which is a step in the right direction, as they just started that when I first joined the dojo. [So at least we get access to a really talented 4th dan once a year. Imre Marton, even the Serbs seem to like him.]

Just thinking about some of these dojos stateside that have like 50 4th Dans, or so it seems, for one dojo... can we have an exchange program? Well take a few of those. [Even some 2nd Dans will do.]

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