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David Mason (DavidM) wrote:
I just started working with weapons (Only about 3-4 months of Aikido all together) and I have to say I HATE the Jo. ... It's just the complexity of the Jo, the moves, the strikes, the blocks, etc etc etc. I find myself not liking class when we do Jo work, and even questioning if I should go to class when we have Jo work.

What I'm trying to say is, will my hatred for the Jo go away after enough practice, or will it always be there?

I can understand your feelings - I was in the same position and I am still trying to commit all of the jo and ken techniques and training exercises to memory. The Jo katas and suburi are difficult to learn and remember. But please stick with it (no pun intended) - the rewards in terms of improvement in your aikido is worth the perserverence.

These days I look forward to any opportunity to work on jo and ken because of what this has done for my aikido. Sometimes I ask sensei to observe me doing one of the katas so he can give some tips and advice. I know I'll forget some of the moves because, I haven't committed them all to memory but I keep thinking that before I knew nothing about the katas. Atleast, now I know something and that's a good start to build on

Tobias Harms (Harms) wrote:

My sensei says that weapon training (and I think especially jo) is good for really learn how to move in aikido since you (in the suburi) don't have an uke who you must adjust to.

Absolutely agree. It also emphasises keeping appropriate distance, maintaining the proper posture and stance and extension of Ki. Aiki Weapons training (suburi, kumijo, kumitachi, awase and the jo and ken katas - as well as tanto, jo and tachi dori) is absolutely invaluable. I can vouch for this from personal experience. I like how the weapons techniques has improved my understanding of aikido and open hand techniques.

Both my senseis point out how the use of the ken and jo are similar open hand techniques are to how aikido techniques are performed. Very similar movements and position are used in both situations.

During seminars with Igarashi Sensei, he would start of with ken or jo and then move to open hand techniques and then finish with jo or ken. IT very challenging but ultimately rewarding and enlightening training.

Please persevere with Jo, you will see improvements both in the use of the Jo and how its helps you with your open hand techniques.

All the best for training.

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