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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

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Well Boxing is fine and you learn some good skills, but boxing ain't really fight'n either. Boxing is basically a sport of attrition where two guys square off and trade punches and blocks in a very limited range of combat with some big ass gloves on.

I tend to not like to sit in that range and trade blows, but that is me!
My boxing coach tells me boxing is about slipping, off-balancing your opponent, and knocking him out. He has told me that if you are getting hit, you are doing it wrong.

When I first put on 16 ounce gloves they seemed huge compared to mma gloves. And while they do make a difference, I'm less convinced on that difference. When I think about my first amateur fight that I hope to have in the next year, I start to think about how small those 10 and 12 ounce gloves really are.

Honestly, boxing has taught me more about how to 'enter' in on a striking opponent then any other martial art experience I have had. And I've only trained it for 2 weeks. You make your opponent punch, you make it look like it will land, then you are not there anymore causing him to fall off balance (even if just a little) because he expected the hit. Of course while you are stepping in you are throwing that big left hook, followed by another two are three big blows as you move back out to a safe distance.

I suck at it right now, but there are guys that I simply can't hit with any form of effectiveness. I highly recommend anyone to take up boxing training. Even if they never fight (but still spar) they will learn a ton about striking, distance, and movement. Just like I recommend everyone take some kind of ground grappling. Obviously muay thai, or full contact karate, etc would also impart similar skills and teach kicking. I would probably do muay thai if it was available. But for now I just can't wait to see where I'm at in 6 months.

- Don
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