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Jose Dundee Santos wrote: View Post
Fellow aikidokas,

If we are really aikidokas, we should follow the
teachings of O'Sensei. Sometimes we do bad
things but we still have time to correct them.

We dont need specific rules, the meaning of
Ai-Ki-Do speaks for it self, if we really are

Sensei Dundee
Geez, that simple?

"we should follow the teachings of O'Sensei"

His own UCHIDESHI couldn't decipher what he was saying. You know so pat what Osensei's teachings were? As Peter Goldsbury demonstrates, we can't even figure out his words sometimes. Just what were his teachings? And all those UCHIDESHI who don't talk to each other, are they not really aikidoka? If not, who is?

"the meaning of Ai-Ki-Do speaks for it self, if we really are

Sorry, but no. It hardly does, and tomes' worth of discussion just here demonstrate. And whether we're "true" Ai-Ki-Dokas is tautologous and argumentative. What that means is we're doing what YOU approve of. Why do you deserve this authority? Sorry, don't know that you do.

Neither Aikido nor Osensei end arguments and I'm really weary and irritated that folks still wave them as talismans to win arguments without dissent. My regard for aikido derives as much from the values I came to aikido with as those it purportedly offers. And frankly, where they may differ, I'm often as inclined to adhere to the former as than the latter, no apologies offered.

And as to Osensei as avatar of all good and sound; would you so quickly forget Osensei's abandonment, as Omoto folk felt it? It caused a lifelong rift between him and his cousin, theretofore his closest associate. What happened to harmony there?

How about the way he avoided contact with Takeda? What happened to harmony there?

What about the way he agreed with the verbal savaging given to Saito without demur, protest, or defense? Saito who'd devoted his life, and plaintively from her quarter, his wife's to Osensei's service?

Osensei deified? No thanks. He was a man, not a trump card.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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