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Re: Questions for "Voices of Experience"

I agree with what Takahashi Sensei said in the above post.

I don't know how to change anything that would make this forum better. We have a private question/discussion forum for Jiyushinkai and we often have very good communication going both ways. Of course this works because we all know each other and have a common understanding of terms, etc.

Much of what happens in open forum is nothing more than "chatter" that only really registers with a few participants. I remember in days gone by when the new form of communication was CB radios. A huge number of new users came on the air and tried to adopt truckers' lingo and it ended up quickly being a lot of nonsense where most of the communications became inane, dumbed down, waste of everyone's energies. There was so much of this chatter that real communication was impossible. I see similar things going on in most open internet forums.

I've been reading and sometimes trying to take part for many years on AikiWeb and was surprised to see someone dig up an old thread that's nine years old. As new entries were added the exact same stuff was going on and I suspect no one got much out of it. I am not smart enough or probably also not willing to spend the time. I also don't watch "reality TV" that isn't real. I have no answers. I'm willing to enter into the sort of relationship that Sensei describes in his post above with anyone that wants to communicate in that fashion. Most do not.

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