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Re: Questions

Hi Francis,

Thank you for bringing up your concerns regarding the "open" question feature of the Voices of Experience forum.

The Voices of Experience forum was first created as an experiment to respond to requests from people with many years of experience to have a place where they could interact with each other. The forum permissions were opened up a bit more a little while back so that anyone could ask a question by starting a thread in the Voices of Experience forum (as described here).

I believe the questions that you asked of me are very pertinent and important ones to consider -- not just in terms of the Voices of Experience forum but also in terms of general interactions on AikiWeb itself.

You wrote:

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
So, when you offer to have questions from a greater public put forth to the VOE panel, as it were, what appropriate expectations should there be in terms of both questioners and responders? I am thinking more in lines of respect, etiquette, and thoughtful preparations of such questions, along with responsible and clear answers to them.

Even though the VOE panel members are not "sensei" or even "teachers" to those with questions, shouldn't there be some form of understanding that it is a privilege to both ask the questions, as well as to answer them"? Perhaps this may result in better questions, along with more thoughtful answers.
At this time, I would like to turn the tables a bit and direct your questions to the other participants and members of the Voices of Experience forum.

What would be your thoughts, oh Voices of Experience members, on Francis's above questions?

-- Jun

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