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Well, last month I was doing my 3rd Kyu examination. I was paired with a policeman. Usually we try to look at our best during grading exams and we do not resist techniques. We started with Hanmi Handachi Shiho Nage and I had to start first. I could not move him, and was obviously taken by surprise because I was not expecting any resistance. After 2-3 failed attempts, I felt very embarrassed in front of 70 students and twice as many spectators. So I did the technique with all my power and it must have been quite painful for him. He resisted the next one even more, and I used even more power. It continued this way untill the last technique (Suwari Kokyu Ho)when he lost his nerves and started a Judo wrestling match with me. The result: we both failed the exam for bad manners.
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