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Jason Tonks
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The reality is there is always someone who will try and block your technique or be deliberately awkward. I always like to gauge the intent here. As has been stated above it is easy enough to block a technique if you know what is coming. We can all be awkward and stand there smiling as nage struggles. When someone is learning a technique they need to have someone who will let them put the technique on, otherwise they will become frustrated and angry. Once they have got the basic movement and application then Uke can be a little more awkward so Nage is always building up the strength of his technique. To do so straight away is pointless. Uke and nage should be building each others power and spirit up. The intent should be of this each others development. If I resist or am awkward up to the point of the technique being applied, it is because I want to help Nage strengthen his technique not just be an awkward smartass. I have met these types and and make no bones about putting the technique or another one straight on them. You'll always find there the first ones to start crying "that's not what its about." I know some people will disagree but I'm Old School and sometimes the fact is it's a challenge and you've no choice. It's best if it can be avoided, but some people respect no other way.
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