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Re: Questions

Hello Jun,

I believe that a key purpose for offering this forum for VOE panel members,is the fact that this is a generous opportunity for them to express themselves, share their experiences and insights, and to learn from the responses from others. In my mind, you have done just that, and it is up to your reading public to provide the continuing momentum to keep it going and remain a worthwhile activity.

It is helpful that you occasionally suggest topics to ponder, and that your Forum rules are appropriate, encouraging and worthy of respect and being honored. This is much appreciated.

I find that the majority of posts and their responses deal primarily with issues of technique, historical perspectives, as well as requests for personal assistance with terms and situations. Since much opinion on these subject matters are highly subjective, and assumes that the answers are genuine from the point of proven experience and acknowledged history of successfully dealing with such issues, I choose to maintain ma-ai.

Unfortunately, I feel neither qualified nor inclined to address such subjects in an online forum only. It seems to me that a direct face to face or even a hands on explanation or demonstration is what most of us would feel most comfortable with, but realize that such is not to be.

For my part, I am mainly interested in exploring what the VOE personnel think about in terms of applying Aiki principles to their training, and to their day to day interactions with their respective environments I guess at some point, I will need to clarify what I envision such "Aiki Principles" to be, and, perhaps, my choice of subject matter is an attempt to do so. And so, I will continue in this vein.

My understanding has long been that a mutual condition of accountabiity exists between "teacher" and "student". A student has the right to ask his teacher to teach him, with the teacher agreeing to comply. In return, the student must always be available to assist the teacher in any reasonable way to make his life manageable and comfortable. Any further limits or conditions need to be worked out personally between those two.

So, when you offer to have questions from a greater public put forth to the VOE panel, as it were, what appropriate expectations should there be in terms of both questioners and responders? I am thinking more in lines of respect, etiquette, and thoughtful preparations of such questions, along with responsible and clear answers to them.

Even though the VOE panel members are not "sensei" or even "teachers" to those with questions, shouldn't there be some form of understanding that it is a privilege to both ask the questions, as well as to answer them"? Perhaps this may result in better questions, along with more thoughtful answers.

For such a format, I too would be in favor.

In Oneness,

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