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Re: Aikido - Martial Arts - Fighting

Briefly, and with few and far-between, I have gotten into little-mock scraps. The primary reason I don't do this with every buddy I encounter is that for me to go all out and actually test myself in a playful spar is dangerous to me and to my buddy. They never learned how and when to fall. Something I'm thinking about now is when a bigger buddy came toward memory of it isn't a perfect flashbulb...either an attempted grab or bear hug, and I did iriminage up until the throw. I remember the look on his face after I had lowered him and spun him quickly. He looked totally astonished, and his face practically said, "What the?" Then I just let him lift me with a bear hug. These pseudo-spars really are not much fun, although once getting my really strong brother in nikkyo at my shoulder and totally impairing his movement (without following up with an omote or ura pin), did provide me with a mild sense of satisfaction followed immediately by a bitter sense of victory.

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