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Bruce Baker
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new thinking for new ways

I just finished traveling across the USA, NJ to Alaska and back, and there is a lot of I don't know's or you can't do that but never an agreement of concensus from the inspecting agents in either the USA or Canada.

It would seem that we are going to have to find more secure means of transporting our training sticks. Much like musical instruments, or delicate pieces of wood are encased in a more durable hardcase, we might have to either continue to take our chances with carryon luggage, or change our approach to having equipment at hand and let the airlines stow it with the other luggage.

I am glad to see the innovations of using cardboard or pvc reinforcements for your Aiki-ken or Aiki-jo, a newer term coined for our modern use of training tools by John Stevens, author and teacher. (At least the use of Aiki-ken/ Aiki-jo replacing the term weapons, as it does not apply in our modern world.)

I would guess the next step is to have many of our Aikido groups contact the Airlines and formulate a set of standards for packaging, carrying, or stowing the wooden training sticks for transport?

How about we all call and annoy different Airlines and then come back with our results?

Maybe if we let the wheel squeek loud enough, our questions will find a definitive answer?
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