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Re: Thai Boxing & Aikido: Thoughts & Feedback.

Thanks for the post Russell, Jason & Andrew.

To bad about the rule of no upper body locks, though when we practice the ground fighting part with the M/T training, perhaps I can try it out.

As far as techniques which come from Aikido, I was thinking about perhaps a rokkyo type move... kind of playing with the elbows as was mentioned.

Of course first I need to get familiar with this clinch bit... it was pretty cool never did the clinch before.

As for the ribs, [yes it was from the clinch], it just happened so fast, I was caught unprepared... at the time I wasnt thinking about knees at all, my mind was preoccupied with kicks and punches. [I felt more comfortable with the punches than the kicks.]

Ill tell you, even with the sparring pads I felt like a rag doll being tossed around when they practiced knee drills to the chest. I see why they have weight classes cause as a lighter person just not much of a chance especially when it comes to grappling. I tried to do a sprawl and it was like the guy was picking up paper. lol

Perhaps there are some guys that didnt show up that are in my weight category who I can train with today.
Though I wouldnt mind being able to eventually take down someone bigger by having some better, faster moves, etc.

Again, thanks for the post.



Keep in mind this was my first lesson.
Ive ran my mouth before saying I feel like I would be a natural with Thai boxing... well, here it is. lol
Suppose me and my friends fooling around with kickboxing years back doesnt really count, nor does my short time doing kickboxing training seeing it mainly was boxing. [yeah weird, but its how it happened.]

None-the-less, this appears it will be a catalyst in my conditioning.

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