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Andrew Prochnow
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Re: Thai Boxing & Aikido: Thoughts & Feedback.

Dalen, Good questions. Are you taking knees from the clinch? The best advice I would give as far as blocking goes, would be forget about blocking and work on not getting kneed. Punch your way out. If that doesn't work for you work different throws from in close. See where your opponents balance is. It should be back and down and then driving forward which would pull you into their knee. Can you find a way around it? Can you find a way through it? I cant give you any advice from an Aikido background because I don't have one. I do have an MMA background however so I hope any of the above helps. A name that does come to mind would be Kevin Leavitt. He has an Aikido background and an MMA one pursuing Army Combatives. He would have first hand knowledge of blending the two together. Hope this helps.

-Andrew Prochnow
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