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Re: Guests in the House

Amazing posts. Wow.

From the cheap seats, a few more ideas
1) Perhaps suggest to have ‘lounge' or relaxed off-topic discussion area
2) Allow the author to be able to set threads to ‘unbumpable'. This would mean that posting to one of those threads does not result in the thread title being bumped up to the top-level. I was thinking that this may be conducive to some more long-term and subtle conversations; as each post would not necessarily elicit the same level of in-your-faceness. The thinking here is that at present, and in general, each thread is imbued with a relatively short life-cycle. The subtle increase in granularity here by marking a thread (or even posts) as ‘unbumpable' may be conducive to allowing some threads to settle somewhere slightly below the surface allowing for more open and long-term discussions…using already existing member tools such as ‘subscribe to thread' make this easy.


Mike; you wrote: ""IT" is actually what is traditionally part of the "self cultivation" of the Tao". May I ask, does that then mean that pursuing IT ultimately becomes a ‘way' (i.e. like in a religion; or .. only makes sense in the context of a religion)? Sorry if too OT, but a fascinating point you raise, nonetheless.

I also just wanted to express my gratitude for Aikiweb, and all those here.
With respect,

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