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Re: Guests in the House

Dan and Mike - as far as your perspective is concerned - I agree with both of you.
And/But - I think some of Dan's concerns regarding creativity resulting form the collision of opposing viewpoints are covered in the sense that I suggest that a lot of IT comments/discussions can and should be placed in the General/Technical sections, but that if something "threatens" do take the thread too far off course, one starts a new thread in the specific section.
For example - let us say that someone wants to start discussing kaitennage, and some bright fellow notes that kaiten-nage is a sumo technique, and it is particularly used when you've pushed someone up to the edge of the ring and as they counter push, you open up, push down their head and wringingly twist their belt and throw them. And then someone says, "Wow, and Daito-ryu is supposed to come from sumo," and sumo history, blah, blah blah. Logical, is it not, to start a thread in the history section and continue the discussion on kaitennage in the original thread?
I do NOT believe that any mention of IT should start in an IT section or immediately be placed in that ghetto as soon as it raises it's shaggy head.
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