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Thai Boxing & Aikido: Thoughts & Feedback.

I realize some of you here train in Thai Boxing. Im curious to hear some feedback or thoughts on how Thai Boxing and Aikido compliment one another.

First, I do realize that for the most part the end goals for both sports are completely different. None-the-less, Aikido is derived from Juijitsu and Im convinced it could be used effectively in conjunction with BJJ and Thai boxing in a MMA fight - though due to the non-competitive nature of Aikido this hasnt happened.

I just took up my first Thai boxing lesson last night [mixed with some grappling]... yep, its a bit different. lol
However, Im interested in seeing how I can mesh my knowledge of Aikido in there, and am pretty confident I will be able to... again just curious of other peoples experience along this route. [of course you have to have the MMA fingerless gloves to remotely pull off any of the Aikido techniques]



Any good advice on blocking knees to upper ribs would be appreciated. [Suppose put my leg up as well?]

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