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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

Well the view of him slamming the dudes head into the car pretty much shows its not 'real' drama as he states. [Police brutality as he is already handcuffed, etc. So this is staged.]

He is seen sprinting for a few seconds, and it appears he wouldnt last that much longer. Not picking on Segal, Im sure he could whip me around like a rag doll if I went close to him.

However the fact remains that conditioning in the type of atmosphere he is trying to portray is of utmost, and anyone who has been in a ring for a few minutes knows how much commitment it takes just to have the stamina for this kind of stuff.

Sure it will generate interest, but Im not sure how many will be committed, as ones goals have to be pretty defined with Aikido or you can get disillusioned with what you think it can actually do according to the circumstances your faced with. [i.e. for many it may hold up better if they play a bouncer role vs. using it solely as some cop chasing people down. [I think thats why they use tasers now, most cops just dont have the stamina to do the chasing... nor the time. Although some instances are just plain silly to use a taser and Aikido would be useful.]

Dont know, this opens up a whole can of worms... Its a show, so take it for what it is... sit back with some popcorn and get motivated by a motivator and then make your training your own.



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