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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
Don't buy any lottery tickets then as you won't be that lucky. This show will just be another similar to "The Women of Broward County" or some such. A few minutes of actual police work and lots of personal drama and "inside story" garbage...
You may be right, and far be it from me to defend almost anything on television, especially "reality" shows. But if the "inside story" includes anything about his Aikido, or training Dept. officers in non-lethal and hand-to-hand techniques, there may be a few snippets of value here and there.

The A&E page announcing the show says "He is an expert martial artist, with a 7th-degree black belt in aikido. Along with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris, he's considered one of the film industry's greatest action stars." That's not a lot, but it's more than I've heard about Aikido in popular media than in... oh, ever.

The Guardian (UK) said: "It all began 20 years ago," the voiceover thunders, "when Seagal, a world-renowned seventh degree aikido expert, was shooting a movie in Jefferson Parish. The sheriff asked him to teach his men some self-defence and weapons skills. The training was so successful," the narrator growls, "that Seagal was deputised."

The show may be crap, or maybe not, but the little bit of buzz going on around it is still a net positive, and could provide an introduction to the art for some.

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