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Re: When do you know you are good at ukemi?

Jaxon Brown wrote: View Post
Some guys I see just come off the mat and go up, over, and down effortlessly while my fat ass is still doing rolls in lieu of breakfalls (after about 1yr training). I can do breakfalls but I have to prepare and tell nage what I plan to do. I can't just 'flow with it' like some other ukes. How long does it take to be 'goooooood' if you know what I mean?

also, what's the hardest ukemi to take? i saw a movie on some aikido site where uke strikes, nage enters and picks up uke and lifts him over his head - it looked like a human capital 'T' and then uke comes down and lands on his side. damn, a breakfall from six feet whoa. i wonder if it hurt the first time he did it
Ukemi from 6'? That's not so bad on a rubber mat if you know how to fall.

Some people pick up ukemi in no time at all. Other people take a long long time. I know one left hander who can ukemi on his left but can't ukemi on is his right side. It's nothing more than a mental block. His mistake is the same as your mistake. He has predetermined in his mind how he's going to ukemi.

That's a bad move. You don't know what nage/tori will do. You don't know exactly how you will be thrown. So tori/nage might decide to do something else. All the while you've put the blinkers on and set yourself up for the wrong ukemi. And I bet you'll do that ukemi no matter what. Which means your partner has to effectively abandon their technique so you don't get hurt.

The simple truth is you can't learn ukemi properly until you get through the pain barrier. Sometimes it will hurt. Even the guys that look so super smooth get hurt sometimes. They just don't show it very often.

Remember Aikido is a martial art and martial arts hurt.
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