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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

John Lesko wrote: View Post
3) "Have others experimented w/ new media (facebook, twitter, etc) to attract the next generation aikidoka?".
The dojo where I train uses social media fairly extensively. Many of us are on Facebook, and are fans of the Aikido of San Diego Facebook page. Sensei also posts videos from the dojo on YouTube. And of course there is the dojo Web site. These were the initial ways I found out about the dojo. I also listened to all of the "Aikido - The Way of Harmony" podcasts, to get a better sense for what Aikido was (after having initially become interested via the book/horse trainer I mentioned above.

John Lesko wrote: View Post
... Of course word of mouth advertising and a personal invite to visit one's home dojo is best. Just interested in hearing other opinions.
What's the reason for saying a personal invite is best? I don't buy it.

It turns out that I do work with 3 people who have practiced Aikido, but none ever mentioned it (at least not to me). I didn't hear about playing guitar from a friend, or riding horses. No one invited me to come out and do photography with them, or learn to cook. These are all things I saw in popular media, or out in the world, that seemed to suit me, and so I have pursued them, in each case for decades.

I do hear stories (here) about people who brought their friends to the dojo, but the friends quit soon after, or quit when the friend who brought them quit. They were just there because of their friend.

I also don't buy it about badassery selling Aikido. Think of who our TV heros have been in our favorite shows: The Lone Ranger, Kung Fu, Star Trek... All on the side of right and justice. Thoughtful, defending the weak, not causing any more harm than necessary. If we're lucky this could follow that model, and could bring intelligent, compassionate people (who are sick of all the badassery out there) into the dojo.

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