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Marc Abrams
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Re: 052) Aikido Waza IS Kata: Week of September 7, 2009

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
Aikido training, as practiced in most Aikikai affiliated dojos, uses kata in the cohesive training of individuals with mixed levels of expertise, or lack of same. It is primarily an ongoing introduction to Aiki movements and principles, where each individual chooses separately to continue more serious training or not.

Even as "batting practice" by professional baseball players give no clue as to how they will do in a real ball game, neither should one read "kata" based practice in a dojo setting as the final product of a martial artist's behavior or technique in real time.

Everyone I know has been introduced to mathematics. Yet most cannot do complex equations, compute actuarial tables or even balance check books in an embarrassing number of instances. Yet, the teaching of math to all is a given. It is not the mathematics that is inferior, it is the lack of need, interest or commitment to make it work at higher levels.

Most people train in Aikido, as an optional supplement to their life styles. Very few know enough about the true value of Aiki Principles and of Aikido training, to envision more than what most of them do. Let's not waste time criticizing people for being people. Don't we have better things to do, like our own daily training!

Great people concern themselves with ideas and principle
Good people discuss the beauty and joy in their lives.
Little people talk about other people.

You choose.

In Oneness,.

Did you interpret my blog as me criticizing other people? I think that we all do so from time to time. For example, I think that these were your words recently:
Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
We had brought all kinds of first hand proofs of Tohei Sensei;s perfidy and ill advised attacks on Hombu Dojo, the Doshu and of the Founder himself.
The purpose of this particular blog was to explore the nature of how we practice, based upon preconceived notions of how we view Aikido waza. My blog is for the purpose of getting my students to think about their training and to hopefully serve as a valuable supplement to their training. I find it most unfortunate that you interpreted it in the manner in which you did. If you would like to add to the discussion of what the blog is about, then I fully welcome your valuable input. If you misinterpret my writing, then I will simply point that out and try and steer the discussion back to the intended topic.

Marc Abrams
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