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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

John Lesko wrote: View Post
All this talk about a surge in interest in aikido resultant from Steven Seagal's new TV show, "Lawman," and/or the fantasy of a future reality show pairing up a Jefferson County deputy sheriff w/ a bounty hunter ...

Hmmm ... Begs the questions:

1) "Do we need a TV show or movie actor to spur interest in aikido?"

2) "What (if anything) do dojo members do to advertise or recruit new students?"

3) "Have others experimented w/ new media (facebook, twitter, etc) to attract the next generation aikidoka?"

... Of course word of mouth advertising and a personal invite to visit one's home dojo is best. Just interested in hearing other opinions.
I think Aikido had it's big Spur when Seagal first came out. Now it's all about UFC and MMA. Society is fad driven.

If someone were to go into MMA using only Aikido and was kicking arse (sorry I like that word") people would want to do that.

Most society wants is what can cause pain on someone else in a more cooler fashion....

We could develope a Crocheting art that allows you to take down and submitt anyone you want and you would then have hundreds if not thousands of testorone driven muscle heads learn "Crochet Do" or some garbage like that.
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