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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

I'm going to go, optimistically, with "any publicity is good publicity."

The most common question, by far, I hear when I mention Aikido is "What is that?" It's hard for people to become interested in something they've never heard of. This could be an opportunity for dojo everywhere to do bits on "what is this Aikido stuff, really?" with their local wandering news reporters, do demos at schools, etc.

I hope there's a theme, in the show, of ending conflict with minimal harm, instead of being as badass as possible (which seems to be the basis for a lot of popular culture. Maybe, could we hope, (like Kung Fu) that the show might offer some refuge,support, and agreement to those who bristle at the "violence is awesome" BS we see everywhere else.

If the show's gonna be on, we should take advantage of it in every way possible. :-)

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