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Hi mat how are u today... can tell u stuff that u might be excited and sad to hear.

I am hearing impaired who knows a fair amount of sign languae and acually found that I just lost a little more hearing but I never give hope that maybe there will be a medical or ways to improve my hearing ( besides the hearing aid but the digital hearing aids look cool) any how the good stuff to here is I take aikido and have been for 3 years. hearing does not really matter especaly if the student is deaf all the way they can most of the time see the finer points in the throw easeir than a hearing person. semenars I have been to them but I use my hearing aid ( accullay I use my hearing aid at class to unless it falls out too much or I dont want to hear stuff") but I dont think an inturpurter is nessary for aikido class. Nick or one of the other akidokas say that things are 7 % hearing and maybe less in the martal arts. have ur nephew try it without a intrupiter and have him see how it feels! good luck
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