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I've been a member in 2 dojos (well, sort of in one of them) where eliminating ranking has been actively discussed.

On one level there's an argument to be made for owning your experience and the responsibility therein. I think this or it's like is a good thing.

On another level, who gives a damn, lets cut out the crap and practice. If you are good it will show.

On still another level, the more senior you get the less regularly you get feedback. There's good, bad and ugly here. The good is that you are good. The bad is that people tend towards subserviance around authority and rank represents such. The really bad is when you bashed someone who gave you feedback (even when it was really stupid).

Then there's all the really negative crap that can come into play: power, abuse, money and the like.

In my own case, my best practices have come about when rank was a non-issue: beginners who didn't know any better or at seminars where no one knew what anyone was.

Enough prattle, and it's really late.

Your thoughts?

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