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Shidoo Geiko is a term designating training by teaching. It is not an optiion for the serious student of the Way of Aiki, and of Aikido. Combined with the other forms of keiko, (solitary, partner practice, randori, weapons, by observation, etc.), the entire experience of the Founder's art may be experienced and beneficial.

Learning any lesson, art form or legitimate system like Aikido, is primarily the responsibility of the student. Any teacher worth his or her salt must always respect this fact, and avoid usurping the student's right to choose for themselves. The best teachers can be are as "assistant instructors" to the primary sensei within each student.

The most effective and meaningful way to be a teacher of merit, is to exemplify, through one's own lifestyle and behavior, the living legacy of doing what is taught, giving true substance to any lesson given. A true teacher has to "walk the talk", taking full responsibility for any action affecting the student, directly or indirectly. This may very well be the most difficult, and certainly, one of the most important points to understand and to accomplish.

Like medical doctors ,who are enjoined by the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to their patients, would be teachers of Aikido and other martial arts must resolve to do no harm to their students and followers,

Always training with integrity, honesty and joy, a genuine teacher needs never bother about what is being taught or transmitted.

In Oneness,

francis y takahashi

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