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Working with too easy an uke

On the flip side of the threads about working with an uke that is always resisting, how do you work with an uke that you don't even have to take the balance of?

There is a new girl in my dojo. She used to study in another style, and from the way she trains, I'm sure that where she used to practice, all uke were completely compliant. When she attacks, she does so with absolutely no energy. There is no attack. When I attempt to do a technique, she falls without my even having moved her. And when I set up a technique, let's say I tenkan around her attack, before I even move her, she hops around me to go where I want her to (and sometimes in a completely different place.)

I've spoken to her, asked her to turn up the intensity, and to not move unless I move her, and even my instructor has spoken with her several times. I've attacked her the way that I want to be attacked, and since most of the people in my dojo attack with intensity (Sensei insists upon ‘realistic' attacks), I'm sure she's seen examples of how we attack, and when we resist and when we follow. She's been around for about a month now, and hasn't altered her attacks, so I think that simple observation is out. Now I know that some will probably say that she doesn't need to change her attack, and that different people do things differently etc., but the thing is, when I'm paired with her, I can't learn anything. I'm still under a year in practice, so I can't control an uke that is three steps ahead of me in every technique. Any advice would be appreciated.

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