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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

Jason Jordan wrote: View Post
I' m not going to be excited until I see some actual waza going on.
If they show him teaching I will be good with that, but you know these movie types....Bait you in with what he's known for, and then for the rest of the series you are looking for Aikido and there is none.
This is where I see a lot of liability coming in for Seagal, A&E, the Parish and probably more folks if anyone should get seriously hurt during what could be argued to be essentially an action scene manufactured for the sake of entertainment. And the first thing they'd do is subpoena every second of video from all the shoots to show what kind of attitudes Seagal had and what kind of attitudes were being passed along in training the officers. And I doubt any car load of cops would want every moment of their interactions available for a trial lawyer's leisure. So I would bet chances are low of seeing Seagal seriously handling anyone on the street. least it won't be another SS movie with bad vocal overdubs.[/quote]

This does explain the funky (read: stinky) accent Seagal was using in the last few of his movies I saw. I couldn't figure out why he now has this thing for bad Louisiana impressions. And now I know.

Still, this does raise some questions as to why he has chosen to portray Louisiana and New Orleans cops the way he does--or at least portrays himself to be one of them. His character is never bounded by law or ranking officers, or any ethical considerations except to kill some guy--find him and kill him. And lately, the "action" scenes have been very choppy and heavily repetitive brutal slam-arounds, where they splice a punch in four times or have the guy crash through the table top about four or five times in quick succession. Not well done, just brutal and repetitive and senseless. And that's how he portrays a Louisiana cop on one of his recent movies.

It will be really interesting to see how he handles the real-life stuff.


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